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Helping others is in the very essence of what we do. 

Here at Select, helping others is what we do. We help people find jobs they will love, and we help businesses staff their companies and improve their bottom line. It’s no surprise that we also take our responsibility to members of our local community very seriously. We understand that the very nature of our business has a strong impact on the world around us. For this reason, we have established the Select Green program, knowing our small changes can make a big impact.

Our Mission

The Select Family of Staffing Companies makes a continuous effort to operate our business in an environmentally responsible manner. We recognize that reducing the environmental impact of our operations is an important part of the extra mile service we deliver to our clients and associates, and we strive to achieve excellence in meeting environmental commitments by complying with environmental regulations, promoting and supporting green initiatives, and making environmental responsibility a key corporate value.

Select Goes Green

Some of our environmentally minded policies include:

  • Taking our entire application process online – creating a savings of over 500,000 pieces of paper a year, reduction in toner use and waste, and a decline in the fuel needed to ship and store applicant paperwork
  • Saving vital natural resources by switching our company cars to be more fuel-efficient 4-cylinder cars.
  • Substituting standard office supplies with green versions of the same product.
  • Moving our valued associates and clients to paperless transactions via direct deposit, paycards, and electronic invoicing.
  • Providing a "green" thought of the week to all of our company colleagues via the homepage of our intranet site.
  • Giving preference to "green" vendors who make environmental responsibility a core of their business as well.
  • Holding regular meetings of our Select Green task force to uncover more and more ways to expand our environmental program.

Select Green Ambassador Program 

Each of our local branches chooses one designee to implement environmentally responsible practices on a consistent basis, such as:

  • Setting up recycling programs.
  • Eliminating paper and plastic products in the break room.
  • Conserving electricity through reduction of power needs and thermostat adjustments.
  • Re-using recyclable materials when appropriate.
  • Increasing visibility of other "green" tips to be followed in and out of the office.

Several of our branches have won awards in their local communities for their environmental efforts. We celebrate their achievements and look forward to doing more and more noble work – both locally and globally.

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